imagesThinking of each other,

passing by today,

A memory, our best friend

wonder what it’d say.

Listening to gossip,

our bias long decided,

wishing well, wishing well

to history confided.


If walls could talk they’d close their mouth,

better to be silent,

barely crack a smile,

calm, collected, heartbeats violent.

Strangers, unforgotten,

want to talk and laugh,

but are quite afraid,

of bullshit and facades.


Middle School Drama

Middle School Drama


They really don’t see
how much this effects me.
I tell them over and over again
but they just don’t want to listen.

They laugh and they giggle
and tell the whole world
YEAH! that’s because their
the typical popular girl.

When I put them in their place
they go and be two faced.
Middle school sucks I hope
in high school I will have better luck.

All the drama
the haters,
backstabbers, and liars
you got to pick your friends
like you are walking on fire.

I used to have one good friend
that was there till the end
then she got a boyfriend
and now its a never again.

All the guys,
the lies,
the rumors,
and the facts
karmas a BITCH
so you better step back.

Shouting things that don’t
need to be shouted.
Finding a true friend,
Ah ha I doubt it.

Screaming in you face
just want to kick their ass,
do it
your done
now walk away with some class.

Flirting is not so bad
It’s a sigh of affection.
Fighting in the hallways
Automatic DETENTION!

Walking around
all alone
gives you time to think
all the strength you’ve grown.

Now that I’m stronger
I’ll fight and defend
because I’m a true friend
and will always be there in the End

The Best Friend

The Best Friend


When she got home that night, she created a puddle with her tears, and Fiona asked her mother where she could find true friends. “Fiona, my dear” answered her mother, “You cannot buy friends with a smile or few good words. If you really want true friends, you will have to give them time and affection.For a true friend you must always be available, in good times or bad.”

“But I want to be everybody’s friend! I want to share my time among everyone”, Fiona Protested.

“My dear, You are a lovely girl”, said her mother “but you can’t be a close friend to everybody, so it’s only possible to have a few close friends. The others will be playmates or acquaintances, but they won’t be true friends.”

Hearing this Fiona decided to change her ways so that she could finally have some true friends. That night, in bed, she thought about what she could do to get them.

She thought about her mother. Her mother was always willing to help her, She put up with all Fiona’s problems and dislikes, she always forgave her, she loved her a great deal…. That was what makes friends!

And Fiona smiled ear to ear, realizing that she already had the best friend anyone could ever want.